The feature rich and flexible HS series labellers deliver on the things that really matter – ease of use, rapid set-up, accuracy, reliability and low maintenance – the end result is more production at lower cost.

A wealth of features yet simple to operate

  • Set-up the labeller with the press of a button – super simple “Operator” menu means operators can run the labeller almost immediately
  • Password protected menus (advanced, configuration and service/diagnostics) prevent operator from inadvertently changing other settings.
  • Store previous set-ups – instantly recall the settings for multiple label/product combinations – useful for out-of-the-ordinary applications where the default settings are not suitable.
  • Information display – just press the info button i to show:

Real-time production rate
Product and label counters
Labelling time (shows time spent labelling a given production run)

  • Operator resettable batch counters for label count, product count and labelling time
  • Automatic missing label compensation – labeller automatically detects and accelerates past any missing labels to avoid unlabelled products
  • Automatic web-break detection
  • Metric and imperial unit display (user selectable)
  • Detailed messages and help function to quickly isolate any setup or production problems

Rapid set-up – increases uptime

All that needs to be done to set-up the machine is press a single key.

The labeller will automatically adjust the label-sensor to suit the label material and position the first label ready for dispensing onto a product. The entire process takes just a couple of seconds.


Advanced speed matching allows accurate labelling through production stoppages and extreme speed changes

  • Avoid reject product through inaccurate labelling every time the production line is stopped or started.

Reliable and low maintenance

  • The HS labellers require virtually no maintenance and is designed to cope with the demands of 24/7 non-stop production.
  • No delicate touch-screens – reliable, tough, waterproof keypad with clear, large, illuminated LCD display.
  • High quality materials used for long service life.
  • Virtually no wear parts.

Non-stop labelling

  • Can operate with a fan-fold label supply and vacuum takeaway for non-stop production.
  • Alternative tandem operation using optional unwind and rewind units gives additional flexibility – one labeller labels while the rolls are changed on the other. Switching between labellers is automatic with no unlabelled products. Allows two different lines to run at high speed or one line to run non-stop to suit demand.
  • Gentle web-handling reduces stoppages through web-breaks caused by label splices and perforated liners


  • Top, bottom or side labeling
  • Ambidextrous (can be converted between right-hand and left-hand applications using the same parts)
  • Operator interface can be located remote from the labeller
  • Output to provide synch speed for on-web inkjet printing
  • I/O for interfacing to PLCs and for monitoring/control of external devices.
  • I/O for controlling status lamps (e.g. light stack)
Serial communication interfaces including RS232 and RS485 for monitoring/control of labeller and/or external devices