The FastPaQ HS series labellers are suitable for a wide range of labelling applications.

Short label applications:

The HS series is ideal for the application of small labels. An HS series labeller can be used to apply labels to memory SD cards, small phials as used in the pharmaceutical industry or small containers as used in the beauty and cosmetic markets. Typically where small labels are applied the placement accuracy becomes more important and the HS series can provide the accuracy required in these types of applications. Small RFID labels can also be applied rapidly and accurately with an HS series labeller.
Some labellers have a claimed maximum dispense speed of 100m/min or even higher but the actual dispense speed they can achieve decreases with decreasing label length. The HS series provides accurate placement of even very short labels at extremely high speeds. Labels as short as 10mm (or less on request) can be applied at very high line speeds and at very high label-per-minute rates.

Card labelling:

Phone cards, credits cards and the like often have a small peel-off label which reveals a code number or some other information. The HS series labellers with their high-speeds and high accuracy are ideally suited to this market.

Carton labelling:

Labels can be applied accurately to even the highest speed carton lines using the HS series labellers. Utilising the UHS labeller with optional Asynchronous Mode software cartons have been labelled at line speeds exceeding 500m/min ! Direct mail (envelopes and letters) and forms labelling No matter how fast the line, there is an HS series labeller available to apply labels with pinpoint accuracy.

Promotional labelling:

The high application rate of the HS series labellers allows the turn-around of large volume orders in the shortest possible time. A single labeller can apply several millions of labels per day, providing unbeatable delivery times to customers.

Publication labelling:

The high dispense speeds provided by the HS series labellers means labels can be applied to even the highest speed printing presses. Labels can be applied to the outside and inside pages of newspapers and other publications at printing press speeds . The HS series’ compact size and direct apply system means it can be quickly and easily installed on lines for short or long labelling runs.