The HS series has been designed to be extremely reliable with very low running costs. Below is a list of the costs that can be associated with the purchase of a labelling machine and the advantages the HS series has to offer.

The compact design of the HS labellers mean they can be more easily integrated into existing lines. The labellers do not require a pressurised air supply further simplifying installation. There is no requirement to route three phase power to the labeller as it operates from a regular single phase supply.

Operator training
One of the main design goals for the HS series was ease of use. Once the labeller is installed it is so simple to operate that virtually no training is required.

Supply of pressurised air
Unlike many other labellers the HS series labellers do not need any air supply at all. This means they are simpler to install and maintain and importantly avoids the ongoing running cost of drawing air from a pressurised supply.

Replacement of wear parts
The HS seres labellers have virtually no wear parts except for a couple of inexpensive label brushes.

The HS series labellers require no maintenance other than a regular check that no label glue or dirt have built up on any of the rollers or label-sensor. None of the labeller’s motors require any type of maintenance at all – ever.

Reduce reject product through:

(a) unacceptable labelling inaccuracy
The HS series can keep accurately applying labels while the production line ramps from stand-still all the way to maximum speed and back again so there is no reject product through inaccurate labelling every time the production line is stopped or started.
(b) products that receive multiple labels or no labels
The HS series’ sophisticated control software incorporates automatic missing label compensation and also tracks the position of each and every label as it moves from the label-sensor to the label peel-tip. This means that missing labels from the label material will not cause products to go unlabelled and splices in the label material will not cause products to receive multiple labels or no label at all.

HS series labellers have been operating in the field since January 2008 and have demonstrated an enviable record of reliability. Some labellers have dispensed over a *billion* labels with no maintenance or replacement parts whatsoever.